Chief Executive Officer. Human Rights Advocate. Pioneer. Filmmaker. Author.

Braam was born profoundly Deaf to Deaf parents in Benoni, South Africa. With over 30 major international awards under his belt for film and animation work, he advocates tirelessly to promote sign language and human rights for Deaf people around the world through his colourful spectrum of work. He has published three children’s books with Cambridge University Press.

He is known for championing better education in the Deaf community and promoting the wider use of sign language by drawing inspiration from the very community he is part of. He became a representative of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), an international organization that represents 70 million Deaf people worldwide, and he was a board member of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS, 2011 – 2015), a section under the WFD. He delivered a statement about the right to an education in sign language at the United Nations in New York City. He works with the United Nations and he was formerly a council member of the UNICEF Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities. He was formerly an Honourable Member of Disability Rights Parliament in South Africa. He was a member of Technical Expert Steering Committee for All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (Sign Language and Literacy) with Australian Aid, WorldVision and USAID.

Braam truly is a global citizen, he has lived and worked in many countries and become assimilated to many different cultures. Being multilingual in 9 languages, he is readily prepared to make connections with people in languages other than English. In fact, he prefers to create that connection in the other person’s own language! Braam has also been an incredible ambassador for multilingualism around the world.

He is currently the CEO of Convo Communications Canada. He is a recent recipient of Grand Counsellor of the Order of Baobab (GCOB) from the President Cyril Ramaphosa. He is married to a beautiful co-advocate Drisana Levitzke-Gray.